Mechanical Control Systems for Trucks

At Orscheln Products, we are an industry-leading, global supplier for mechanical control systems for trucks and other off-highway industries. We supply our products to OEM and aftermarket customers that are in the market for durable, efficient control systems. Our product inventory is a growing line that is ever evolving due to the industry’s standards and…
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Primary and Emergency Landing Gear Controls for Jets

As a part of our aerospace control systems product line, we offer primary and emergency landing gear controls for jets and aircraft applications. Primary and emergency landing gear controls are essential to aircraft fliers. Therefore, it’s essential to use landing gear controls that are durable and concise. We are professional manufacturers of aircraft applications and…
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Mechanical design for motion control systems

Quality mechanical design for motion control systems. Orscheln Products LLC offers innovative solutions to both domestic and global customers in the motion control system industry. Orscheln is considered a global leader in mechanical control system solutions. Orscheln has earned this global, industry-wide recognition as a result of our continuous commitment to producing quality, leading-edge products,…
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Orscheln’s Hall effect sensors

Your competitive advantage: Hall Effect Sensors for throttle control systems. If you’re an OEM or aftermarket customer looking for a throttle pedal with a precise and smooth driver operation experience, you’re in the right place. Orscheln Products LLC offers fast-reacting pedals with durable, longer-life programmable hall effect sensors. This is a true testament to our…
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Custom built parking brake cables

Looking for custom built parking brake cables? If so, you’re in the right place. Orscheln Products LLC proudly serves the motion control systems industry with leading parking brake cables and systems. In fact, Orscheln Products PBT cable coating is considered the market leader and time-tested answer to your park brake cable needs. Over the course…
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Shift control levers

  Orscheln Products LLC provides shift control levers as a part of our complete mechanical shift control systems for automatic transmissions. Are you an OEM or aftermarket customer looking for shift control levers for your application? If so, you’re in the right place. Orscheln Products LLC is considered a global leader in the motion control…
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Orscheln Products manufactures custom Fluid Level Indicators.

Orscheln Products creates and designs custom fluid level indicators, also known as dipstick assemblies, within the global market. Our Twist2Lock Fluid Level Indicator product line is suited for a variety of heavy-duty engines and transmissions. The Twist2Lock design accommodates check, check/fill, or fill-only applications for engines, transmissions, and other applications. Orscheln’s Twist2Lock Fluid Indicator +…
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Orscheln’s Products are distributed throughout the world.

Wondering where you can find Orscheln Products? Orscheln Products was established in 1946. Since then, Orscheln Products has grown in product offering and order size to meet the growing demand for high quality, innovative products, and solutions in the global marketplace. Customer groups include the on-highway, off-highway, aircraft, military, marine and specialty markets. Manufacturing and…
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Durable, Reliable Park Brake & Foot Pedal Levers

Custom Emergency brake handles Orscheln Products is the market leader in parking brake cables and handles. Our custom emergency brake handles are designed in-house and time-tested to satisfy all of our drivers. From trucks and motorhomes to delivery vehicles and trailers, our emergency brake handles meet and exceed industry standards. At Orscheln Products, we supply…
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Fully Programmable Electronic Hall Effect Sensors for Throttle Control

Customers who are looking for electronic Hall-Effect sensors for throttle control can turn to Orscheln Products, the global leader in the design and manufacturing of motion control systems. We create standard and custom electronic throttle control systems to satisfy all of our customer’s needs and specific wishes. All of our on-highway and off-highway drivers can…
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