Push-Pull, Tension, and Other Types of Control Cables Available at Orscheln

Any industry that utilizes mechanically operated equipment will require well-manufactured components in order to effectively manage operations. Each of these components requires a number of different parts working in unison in order to operate with maximum efficiency. In particular, the lifeblood of those operations lies within the mechanical control cables. High-quality control cables are invaluable…
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FIA 2022 Exhibition At Farnborough UK

Our team of Orscheln Europe will be exhibiting at the FIA 2022 exhibition at Farnborough in the UK – from 18th to 21st July 2022. This is one of the largest Aerospace shows in Europe and will be home to many innovators both large and small. Orscheln will be there to meet new and existing…
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Automatic Transmission Shifter & Other Shift Control Systems from Orscheln

Most people don’t think about all of the moving parts required to set a vehicle into motion. It’s much easier to simply step into your vehicle, turn on the ignition, and go—rather than make your head spin thinking about all of the different systems within your vehicle. However, defense and commercial markets can’t afford to…
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Hold-Open Rods & Aircraft Struts Available at Orscheln

Reliability is always a primary concern in the aerospace industry. When operating aircraft or mobile ground equipment, it’s impossible to understate the importance of having every part—primary systems and backup systems—in working order. This goes for not only an operating vehicle but when it’s stationary as well.  Carrying cargo is one primary function of many…
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What are Redundant Aircraft Systems & Why are They Important?

It’s always critical to have a safety net. That fact is true both in everyday life and every bit as so in the aerospace industry. When it comes to aerospace, redundant aircraft systems provide that safety net by acting as a reliable back-up plan in case of faulty equipment or an emergency situation.  Ideally, a…
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An Overview of Aircraft Cables at Orscheln

For companies in the aviation industry, it’s important that your aerospace vehicles feature aircraft cables designed and manufactured using the utmost quality.. As the most-used linkage in flight control systems, it’s critical to partner with a company committed to utilizing the most advanced technology and materials to ensure precise control and long-term lasting safety. As…
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Achieve Connected Vehicle Efficiencies with the Orscheln Shift X Wire System

As On-Highway, Off-Highway, Defense, and now EV/Zero Emission vehicle development continues to advance, there is an increasing dependency on electronic control systems to streamline this new technology. A key element in these advancements includes our Shift X Wire.  Orscheln Products is a leading manufacturer of electronic control systems globally and is here to explain everything…
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Hard-Line Tubes for High Pressure Tubing

Orscheln Products is a leading manufacturer of customized hard-line tubes for vehicle motion control systems and high pressure tubing. Effective for any fluid transfer or vehicle cooling, hard-line tubes are a superior alternative to traditional rubber or plastic tubing. Hard-line tubes are especially effective when implemented in Electric Vehicles (EV) construction and development projects. At…
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Leading Manufacturer of Motion Control Systems

At Orscheln Products, we’re committed to providing the best, comprehensive, and customizable manufacturing support possible. Our commitment to product excellence is why we’re trusted to manufacture innovative solutions for domestic and global customers in the motion control system industry. With over 75 years of manufacturing experience, Orscheln is a global leader in mechanical control system…
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HDAW 2022

New Year New Show!! We are exhibiting the HDAW – Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week 2022. Stop by to learn about what is our F.A.S.T. Bench. The show gives us the opportunity to engage with our peers and prospective customers face-to-face, network with industry veterans and new businesses. Join us at #HDAW22 and access a world-class product expo to see…
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