Modulator Cables

The modulator cable control is designed to send the engine throttle rate (on a mechanically governed engine) to the hydraulic control valve in the transmission. It will fit Allison™ Transmission models AT500, MT600, HT700, V730, CLT650, and CLBT750 series, and some Ford® and GM® transmissions.

Pull Type Description Transmission
2130- Length Bulkhead 3-Series End Allison
2179- Length Clamp 3-Series End C-6
2180- Length Bulkhead 3-Series End C-6
2182- Length Bulkhead 4-Series End Hydramatic (350/400)
2183- Length Clamp 4-Series End Hydramatic (350/400)
2220- Length Bulkhead 4-Series End Allison
2230- Length Clamp 4-Series End Allison
Push Type Description Transmission
2225- Length Bulkhead 4-Series End Allison
2235- Length Clamp 4-Series End Allison


  • Control Cable is polymer lined rated at 300° F (149° C)
  • 4-inch bend radii minimum
  • Built-in spring returns to idle
  • Pull function recommended, but push also available
  • It can be locally assembled via F.A.S.T. cable assembly distributors.

Modulator Slip Link Kit

The Slip-Link kit includes the necessary hardware for the complete installation of the kit to the engine fuel control lever. Kit includes a slotted slip-link, link pin, flatwasher, cotter pin, and locknut. To order, see chart.
(all modulators require a slip link function at the throttle connection)

Polymer Link Part No. Thread Size For Use with Modulator Part No.
59049-1 (3 Series)
10-32 UNF-2A THD
2124, 2179,2180
59049-2 (4 Series)
1/4-28 UNF-2A THD
2220, 2225, 2230, 2235

Orscheln F.A.S.T. assemblers can custom make modulator cables.

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