Defense Vehicles

Orscheln designs and manufactures mechanical and electronic controls for wheeled and tracked defense vehicles.

Orscheln has provided products to the defense vehicle market for over 40 years. For the most part, vehicles use automatic transmissions that utilize Orscheln’s shifters and dipsticks. Custom solutions are provided to military OEMS globally from Orschelns’ USA, Europe, and India sites.

  • Wheeled and tracked defense vehicles and equipment
  • M939
  • LAV
  • Bradley
  • JLTV
  • Trailers and support equipment
  • Mechanical shift systems
  • Electronic Shift – X- Wire system
  • Park brake systems
  • Electronic foot throttles
  • Dipsticks for the engine and transmission

Inspiring Solutions

For Defense Vehicles

Throttle Controls

Shift Controls

Fluid Transfer Tubes