Orscheln Shift -X- Wire Systems

Interface a broad range of transmissions and Electronic TCMs where mechanical actuation or electronic shift signal is required.

Common Applications

  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Motorhomes
  • Fire trucks
  • Tactical Vehicles
  • Delivery Vehicles


  • SAE J1939 CAN compliant communication
  • Actuator is directly connected to CAN bus, eliminating direct wiring between Actuator and Shift Selector
  • Customizable shift positions for various applications
  • Can be direct or remotely mounted, allowing for greater flexibility in supporting a wider variety of vehicle platforms

Electronic Shift Actuator Systems (ESAS)

ESAS has been developed around the Allison(TM) 1000/2000 Series mechanical and electrical interfaces, and has been adapted to interface with numerous transmissions and shift control systems. The standard configuration is implemented over SAE J1939 compliant CAN, including support for displaying SAE J2012 Diagnostic Trouble Codes.

Electronic Push Button Shift Selectors

The push button shift selector is configurable to offer versatile solutions for electronic shift control requirements. Based on SAE J1939 CAN communication, it requires minimal adaptation to work in many vehicle configurations. The bright OLED provides for gear feedback display as well as SAE J2012 Diagnostic Trouble Codes. Several button label and bezel configurations are available. Installation is easy with U-bracket panel mount and common wiring connectors.

Electronic Smart Actuators

The electronic actuator incorporates an integrated motor controller which uses a precision Hall effect sensor for accurate feedback, increasing positioning accuracy. Communicating over SAE J1939 CAN, the actuator responds to external shift requests and provides external feedback on its current position.

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