Congratulations to Workhorse on the Release of the W56 Electric Walk-In Van!

Congratulations to Workhorse Technologies on the Release of the W56 Electric Walk-In Van! We are thrilled to extend our warmest congratulations to Workhorse on the launch of their remarkable W56 Electric Walk-In Van! This incredible vehicle marks a significant milestone in the electric vehicle industry and sets a new standard for sustainable transportation solutions.

At Orscheln Products, we take immense pride in being the proud supplier that has contributed to this groundbreaking achievement. As a company committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation, we are delighted to have played a role in helping the electric vehicle industry move forward, one shift and one pedal at a time.

The W56 Electric Walk-In Van is a testament to Workhorse’s dedication to developing cutting-edge electric vehicles that deliver both function and efficiency.

As a supplier in the electric vehicle industry, Orscheln Products remains committed to providing zero-emission solutions that empower businesses to make a positive impact on the environment. We believe in the transformative power of electric vehicles and are dedicated to supporting companies like Workhorse in their mission to revolutionize the way we move goods and people.

Whether you’re seeking electric vehicle components, or tailored solutions to enhance the efficiency of your electric fleet, Orscheln Products is here to assist you. We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality products and services that align with your sustainability goals, helping you transition seamlessly into a zero-emission future.

Join us in celebrating the launch of the W56 Electric Walk-In Van by Workhorse, and let’s continue working together towards a greener future. Reach out to Orscheln Products today, and let us be your partner in driving the electric revolution, one mile at a time!

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