Orscheln’s Mark on Your World: More Than Just Snowplow Markers

When the snow goes down, the plows come out. To keep things moving on the coldest days, there are two small parts that play a huge role in the operating safety of every plow that clears the way. Orscheln is proud to supply some of the most durable snowplow markers on the road today.

Our snowplow markers are so popular that they’re used by many more places than just your local department of transportation. Here’s how one of our simplest innovations is making a huge impact on the world.

It’s the Little Things

From aircraft cables to durable snowplow markers, Orscheln supplies many components you can find on heavy trucks that keep drivers safe. These markers are mounted to the plow by bulkhead and bolt-on connectors that ensure a sturdy connection in the harshest conditions. 

Since visibility is also a major factor for truck drivers and other motorists, Orscheln supplies high-vis red, yellow, and orange snowplow markers. This ensures that the operator can safely drive through whiteouts while maintaining a safe distance from guard rails, mailboxes, and other cars.

A Trusted Mark of Safety

The Northern United States and Canada see the largest need for snowplow markers, but they can actually be used for other applications. Bumper markers serve the same purpose but are used on vehicles where it may be difficult to see the corner of the vehicle in tight spots. Trucks with limited visibility, like garbage and cement trucks, often require these markers to ensure safe operation. 

We’ve even seen our markers on fire hydrants, driveways, guard rails, and even sidewalk pathways where sand gets washed or blown up onto the path. Our snowplow markers are trusted to mark a safe path almost anywhere you look.

Details Behind Dependability

Orscheln’s design with hardened wire construction is a durable solution for almost any environment. Snowplow marker failure is incredibly common and incredibly dangerous. That’s why departments of transportation nationwide depend on Orscheln markers. With one less thing to replace, trucks have less downtime, workers stay safe, and communities keep moving. These are our available options when ordering your snowplow markers.

Every snowplow marker we create can be ordered in custom lengths to accommodate many different applications. The coating of these components is comprised of HDPE or High Density Polyethylene. Color options include fluorescent red, yellow, and orange. Mounting options include bulkheads, two bolt brackets, and one bolt bent brackets This allows for maximum flexibility when determining how and where to mount these markers.

We use the same materials as our other products for OE manufacturers made in the USA. The ability to customize mounting, lengths, and colors allows for the most flexible and dependable options on the market.

Tested to be Trusted

Orscheln’s snowplow markers are rated at -65°F—the same as our high-performance cable products. We believe that time is money, and downtime is the enemy of productivity. That’s why we test and build all of our products to the highest standards.

Orscheln’s state-of-the-art testing lab has the capability to do cyclic, load, environmental, salt spray, humidity, vibration, water ingress, thermal shock, sand and dust, and pressurization testing. This facility is currently ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, AS9100D, FAA PMA, certified and compliant with 14 CFR 21.303. We test every product past the point of normal operation to ensure reliability in the toughest conditions on planet Earth.

Our Industry Authority

We’re excited to partner with the NTEA. The Work Truck Association™ is the industry authority that joins over 2,000 manufacturers like Orscheln. Together, we distribute, install, sell, and repair components for commercial vehicles and trailers. Come meet our team at Work Truck Week in March! 

Get Solutions F.A.S.T.

Orscheln’s network of F.A.S.T. assemblers are available to ensure quick turnaround while providing custom, specialized stocking arrangements. This makes us a trusted supplier for just-in-time and emergency order situations. Our worldwide network uses the same quality materials as our US distributors to provide the same reliability and consistency our customers deserve, no matter where they need a part.

To order your snowplow markers, just find your nearest F.A.S.T. distributor, or talk to an Orscheln engineer. Lead time is typically 6 to 8 weeks for most orders. For quick turnaround and low quantities, our network of F.A.S.T. assemblers can make many of our products, “as you wait”.

Products That Keep the World Moving 

In addition to the plow markers, Orscheln manufactures many other motion control products for the vehicle attached to the plow, including accelerator pedals, parking brake controls, push-pull cables, PTO cables, hoist and PTO controls, dip sticks, transmission controls, and electro-mechanical systems. 

We supply many different manufacturers of snow grooming, including on- and off-highway vehicles, construction, mining, agriculture, material handling, buses, and even airplanes! We supply medium- to heavy-duty industries exclusively and leave the light-duty markets to our friends in Detroit.

Throttle Controls

The main reason manufacturers use our Global I pedals is for their flexibility and durability. This product can be used in many types of equipment for on- or off-highway use. With the integrated hall effect sensor, installation, setup, and replacement are a snap. Manufacturers choose our Global II option when they want to include things like J1939 or other receivers for input.

We also supply floor mounted pedals most commonly found in off-highway applications. Most vehicles that use this throttle pedal don’t have to consider floor mats or obstructions. Every pedal we create can be built to your specifications, with a few options for customizability. These pedals can include programmable sensors or throttle cables to ensure the widest compatibility and dependability that our products are famous for.

Transmission Components


Electro-mechanical shift selectors are built with electronic sensors that communicate with the transmission or shift selector panel. These components communicate with actuators that shift the transmission mechanically. Our electro-mechanical shift selectors are finding their way into heavy-duty electric vehicles as markets increase their demand for high-quality solutions.

We also supply rebuilders and remanufacturers with mechanical shift selectors. By connecting your transmission to your selector with a physical part, these shift selectors ensure a strong, lasting connection. Talk to an Orscheln engineer to research and build a solution for your needs.


We implement industry-standard dual hall effect sensors in all of our throttle pedals. Unlike most applications, every sensor is housed within the throttle pedal itself. That means a simpler, sturdier design that is an easy addition to any application. This design also allows us to use the latest technology available. 

The next evolution in vehicle operating technology is our Controller Area Network sensors. These sensors are the latest sensor technology we include in our current designs for our clients. Every CAN sensor is designed to connect your throttle pedal to the “brain” of your vehicle via a drive-by-wire system.

Park Brake Systems

Orscheln park brake systems have been keeping trucks in place since 1946. Our designs take advantage of the principle of variable mechanical advantage to provide superior linear movement when compared to the output effort. As the lever passes “over-center,” or through the toggle position, this park brake system provides a theoretically infinite mechanical advantage over almost any outside force when in optimal condition. 

These products make our mark alongside snowplow markers on trucks trusted across the US to keep drivers safe. Orscheln engineers are continuously improving even the simplest components to offer the highest level of quality and use for every component we create. To us, it’s an obsession, not an obligation—our team continuously provides OEMs with the most advanced and durable components possible. 

Our Dedication to Excellence

Our experience creates excellence for every product we create. At our core, we’re still the family-owned company from Moberly, MO, that our earliest customers have trusted since 1946. We’re proud to create industry-leading components right here in the US as well as in Rugby, England, Chennai, India, and Shanghai, China. 

Around the world, our entire company is devoted to inspiring solutions for every industry we serve. Talk to an Orscheln engineer to start designing the future, or find your local F.A.S.T. distributor to get your solution fast. Find our team at Work Truck Week, and contact our team to dig even deeper into our world of quality motion control components.


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