Benefits and Features of the Electronic Shift Actuator System

Electronic Shift Actuator SystemOrscheln Products supplies quality Electronic Shift Actuator Systems to OEM and aftermarket customers in the motion control systems industry. Orscheln Products is a global leader in motion control systems and has the potential to design and manufacture top of the line equipment to fit any customer’s needs. The Electronic Shift Actuator System is designed for transmissions with a mechanical interface, e.g. Allison™ 1000/2000 Series, to provide a shift-by-wire system that operates over CAN J1939. Orscheln’s Actuator has the ability to adapt to many transmissions. It can be programmed to communicate with the TCM to provide diagnostic feedback. The Actuator also provides for bump shifting in applications where needed.

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The push button shift selector, as seen in the picture, offers adaptable solutions for shift controlled requirements. The product is very easy to navigate as it’s able to adapt to any transmission.

The Electronic Shift Actuator System can adapt to a variety of transmissions.

  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Motorhomes
  • Fire trucks
  • Tactical Vehicles
  • Delivery Vehicles

Electronic Shift Actuator System Product benefits

  1. SAEJ1939 CAN compliant communication
  2. The Actuator is directly connected to the CAN bus, which eliminates direct wing wiring between the Actuator and Shift selector.
  3. The Actuator provides customizable shift positions unique to various applications.
  4. The shift actuator system can be mounted or direct to allow for flexibility in supporting a multitude of vehicles.

Features of the Orscheln Electronic Shift Actuator System

  1. Integrated motor control: The electronic motor actuator features an integrated motor control. This simplifies the electrical connections; DC power and digital communications signal are the only wires that need to be connected. The integrated motor controller increases the actuator reliability by eliminating motor feedback wire connections.
  2. Hall-Effect Sensor: The motor feedback uses a Hall-Effect Sensor. This increases the actuator reliability due to the non-contact technology of the feedback sensor. Next, Orscheln offers a “high output” actuator motor design. It also has a linear shaft output. This allows the actuator to be set up for either a direct connection or a remote connection via a control cable. The Hall-Effect sensor allows for accurate feedback.
  3. Versatile: Our actuator can be located anywhere and is suitable for most heavy duty applications.

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