Modern Park Brake Systems – Moving forward by staying in place.

Orscheln Products is proud to keep OEMs around the world moving. However, every vehicle needs to stay firmly parked sometime. Our founders learned this lesson the hard way. This is why Orscheln Products continues to be on the cutting edge when it comes to modern park brake systems. Our company is currently at the forefront of motion control systems manufacturing worldwide, and it all started with one fateful mishap on a delivery truck.

Our First Innovation

In the 1930s, Orscheln trucking lines connected communities as we made our mark on the national supply chain. Commercial trucks of that era were prone to many issues, one of the most common being rollaway. After one of our delivery drivers completed his delivery on the banks of the Missouri River, he looked in horror as he watched his truck roll into the water!

To make sure this never happened again, Orscheln developed our first motion control innovation. Our mechanic Uncle Al invented the first over-the-center park brake system and installed it on all of our trucks. This was the first park brake of its kind, so it created a lot of buzz! Word about our system traveled faster than our trucks, which led to the birth of Orscheln Products.

Modern Park Brake Systems

Today, Orscheln products are trusted by OEMs around the world for motion control systems on everything from planes and boats to construction equipment and commercial vehicles. Our park brake system has changed a lot since 1946, but our goal remains the same. Here are the types of modern park brake systems and components we manufacture.

Parking Brake Levers and Pedals

We design all of our levers the same way Uncle Al did all those years ago. By focusing on the principle of variable mechanical advantage, our levers provide great linear movement in comparison to the output effort. As the lever passes “over-center”, or through the toggle position, this park brake system provides a theoretically infinite mechanical advantage over almost any outside force when in optimal condition.

All of our park brake levers also provide an adjustment feature that allows the operator to make finite adjustments based on needs and conditions. The key characteristics of our modern park brake systems to keep in mind are safety standards, required lever output, mounting restrictions, and operator access. Take a look at our current lever systems to find what’s right for you.

Lever No. 02324500

These levers are intended for applications where the mounting surface will support the brake load. We normally supply customers with rods to connect this park brake system to the brake spacers.

Lever No. 02324100

This lever is designed to be mounted on the cowl, instrument panel, seat risers, or seat frame. The customizability allows OEMs the flexibility they need for most applications. This park brake system is connected to the spacers with one cable and clamps. Orscheln supplies the necessary clamps and spacers.

Lever No. 02324200

This variation of the park brake system lever is very similar to the aforementioned version with a slightly different construction. It is designed to be mounted on the cowl, instrument panel, seat risers, or seat frame, and is operated with one cable. The biggest difference is how the force is applied and the increased capabilities for more versatile mounting. 

Part numbers 02324300 and 02324400 are very similar in function as well. The only difference is that Lever no. 02324400 is designed to be mounted to a bulkhead, island, or floor. Orscheln supplies various mounting hardware to ensure your park brake systems are able to be secured without any modification. 

Foot Pedal Levers

Our foot pedal park brake systems allow all the control of a typical lever but with increased ease of operation and mounting capabilities. You can find these levers in many on-highway, light, and heavy-duty vehicles. We also supply construction and agricultural OEMs.. We’ve made such a name for ourselves with these levers that manufacturers sometimes still refer to them as the Orscheln parking brake. 

Parking Brake Cables

To keep everything connected, Orscheln also provides brake cable options. These fully jacketed conduit and plastic-coated strands are built to withstand corrosion and abrasion while providing smooth, efficient operation. We provide all necessary hardware to mount your desired cable to your specific park brake system and include equalizers for 2 brake systems.

Trailer Park Brake Systems

Orscheln’s modern park brake systems are even able to be used on light to heavy-duty trailers as well. These are fully customizable systems based on your needs. But we have 3 standard options that we use as a base for every design. Each design also allows you to add breakaway and padlock options to provide additional protection. These options provide peace of mind when towing and while the trailer is in use by ensuring your trailer is secure and stays put.

Capable, Customizable Systems

At Orscheln, almost none of our modern park brake systems are “off the shelf.” In fact, almost every manufacturer we supply has customized each of the aforementioned systems in one way or another. Since every vehicle is laid out differently, every solution we supply needs to be just as unique. Customization capabilities include everything from cables and mounting hardware to lever structure and features.

Customization is a big reason that manufacturers keep coming back to Orscheln for innovative park brake systems. However, our history of reliability is what allows us to keep providing cutting-edge solutions for so many applications. Very few suppliers are able to bring the expertise Orscheln does to the table when it comes to manufacturing and design capabilities for modern park brake systems.

Manufacturing process

To create your custom park brake system, our engineers are always eager to make our product work for you. To give you a fully customized product, Orscheln takes 3 steps to bring your solution from prototype to final product.


To design your park brake system, our engineers will typically ask for a CAD file and what your desired operational capabilities are. From there, we’ll create digital models to give you options for mounting. After deciding where and how your lever will be mounted, we create prototypes to ensure that your park brake system works as you desire.


Orscheln provides in-house testing to meet desired strength, routing, and environmental standards. We first test our prototypes to destruction. This ensures that your system is fully capable of meeting your normal operation requirements. After that, we test against environmental factors such as temperature, friction, and vibration with our in-house testing lab. Finally, we mount your park brake system to a vehicle to optimize ease of use and confirm that everything works as intended.


As we mentioned before, these solutions aren’t typically “off-the-shelf” products. So after your prototypes pass testing and certification, our production managers will discuss your desired quantity and timeline. We continuously test each component before shipping in order to provide you with a ready-to-work product upon arrival. If you ever need another order, our FAST distribution network is your go-to for quality components whenever and wherever you need them.

Evolution of Our Park Brake Systems

In the early days, the strength and longevity of cables for park brake systems was a problem. That’s why Orscheln pioneered cables that last longer and perform better. Some of the designs and solutions our engineers created decades ago continue to be included in innovations today! 

Orscheln also continues to lead the way in improved plating and coating methods that allow our cables to perform better in conditions where road salts, agricultural chemicals, and marine environments can pose an issue. Our park brake systems include cables with internal seals and wipers to deter contaminants, rust, water, and dust that can reduce the components’ lifespan and reliability.

From the early days that made us famous to the modern developments that lead the industry, our lab-tested and time-proven solutions make Orscheln one of the leading modern park brake systems manufacturers in the world.

Progress in Park

Whether you’re building your first prototype or submitting your latest order, our engineers are ready to push your production forward! Find your FAST distributor in just a few clicks. Or talk with an Orscheln engineer about your solution. Our team is excited to show you why our park brake systems have been trusted by OEMs and operators for decades.