The products that power a zero emissions future.

The world has no time for outdated ideas. So while Orscheln is proud of the mark we’ve made in the world of transportation, we’re leading the charge in electric vehicle innovation for the future. 

Why does a zero emissions future matter?

By 2050 over 60% of the world’s population will live in cities. Unless we curb our emissions, the cities of the future will have poor air quality, higher climate-related mortality rates, and crumbling infrastructure. This doesn’t seem like the future the Jetsons promised, does it? That’s why Orscheln is helping OEMs worldwide with control solutions for zero-emission vehicles.

Innovation for your customers

Every zero-emission vehicle innovation that you’ll find our products in is built to serve customers. From the electrified Amazon fleet trucks, to the forklifts used to fill them, our control solutions are changing the way companies serve their customers. As we move toward a zero emissions future, our products improve the environment and brand image.

It’s simple, sustainability sells. Customers in every market are demanding more sustainability and responsibility from the companies they buy from. This shift in consumer behavior coupled with strict EPA, GHG Regulations and Federal policy are the driving force behind electric vehicle innovation for consumers and corporations alike.

Innovation for your business

Manufacturers have been making vehicles the same way since Henry Ford introduced the assembly line. However, zero-emission vehicles are changing the way OEMs create for the next generation. As production reaches scale and becomes more efficient, companies can produce more electric vehicle innovations and serve more customers. That’s why manufacturers trust Orscheln to give them products that increase uptime and reliability.

The next generation of vehicles is already here. So if manufacturers aren’t innovating they’re getting left behind. Our products have been trusted on ICE-based platforms for decades. This is why companies all over the world talk to our engineers when they’re designing the next electric vehicle innovation.

Innovation for the world

Selling more products and increasing efficiency is great for your bottom line. But if the planet crumbles, so does your business. Orscheln is creating products for zero-emission vehicles to keep the wheels of progress moving sustainably in the right direction. This means doing what’s right for the environment first.

The products we supply manufacturers with are specifically designed for each unique application. Limiting obsolescence and innovating new solutions is how we support manufacturers working toward a zero-emission future. This is the hallmark of the products we create for every electric vehicle innovation. 

The products of innovation

Orscheln creates components for a vast array of applications. On land, sea, and air, you’ll find our products used to keep the world moving. With so many demands needing to be met, our engineers combine their knowledge from every market to design solutions for every zero-emission vehicle innovation. Here are the products that manufacturers trust in their innovations.

Throttle pedals

When it’s time to put your right foot down, you need a pedal as reliable as you are. That’s why manufacturers trust Orscheln to provide them with custom throttle pedals for any application. Many zero-emission vehicles use similar components to their ICE predecessors, but new innovations demand cutting-edge technology.


CAN Sensor

Control Area Network (CAN) sensors are the latest innovation we’re including in our throttle pedals. Instead of connecting every component separately to the ECU, these sensors allow every component to communicate to each other. CAN sensors network each component together to minimize latency and maximize operating efficiency. We put these sensors to work in electric vehicle innovations to increase throttle response, accuracy, and reliability.

Park brake systems

Our products keep electric vehicle innovation moving forward. But what about when those vehicles need to stay in place? To keep those wheels firmly locked in place, manufacturers have trusted Orscheln for over 75 years.

Our first product

We know a thing or two when it comes to park brake systems. The over-center park brake was the first innovation that etched Orscheln’s name in the history of manufacturing. While you may not think this product could change much since 1946, our engineers will tell you otherwise. As vehicles demand new solutions, Orscheln is always innovating to put a new spins on old classics.

Hardline Tubing

This is one of the most versatile products we offer. Hardline tubing is utilized in every vehicle used on land, sea and air. So as manufacturers design their next electric vehicle innovation, our engineers know how to keep the fluids flowing.

Not too hot, not too cold.

The temperature has a huge impact on electric vehicles. Electric vehicles come with unique thermal requirements not seen in ICE vehicles. That’s why it’s so important to find a trusted coolant tubing manufacturer. If it’s too cold, you’re not going anywhere. If it’s too hot, the entire system is at risk of failure. To keep zero-emission vehicles moving at the right temperature, our hardline tubes get fluids where they need to be to keep everything running smoothly.

Shift Selectors

These products may seem pretty straightforward. But when you’re designing an electric vehicle innovation, nothing is simple. This is why our engineers take the smallest details into consideration when it comes to every component we create

Shifting the future

Zero-emission vehicles may not come with the satisfying clunk you feel when you select a gear in a traditional transmission. But knowing where you’re headed is important for operating any type of vehicle. Our mechanical shift control systems can be customized for any application to keep the future moving in the right direction.

Current and future applications

It’s one thing to talk about our products, it’s another to see them in action. The truth is, you probably see our products in action every day without realizing it. As you pass an 18-wheeler or sign for a package, you’re witnessing how our products keep the world moving. Here’s where you’ll find our parts on electric vehicle innovations.


One of the fastest-growing segments of the zero-emission vehicle industry is freight and package handling. While companies engineer the next generation of electrified long haulers, we supply them with products and knowledge the trucking industry has trusted for over 75 years. You’ll find all of our aforementioned products at work in the freight industry currently. But electrification requires us to use them in ways never thought of before.

To keep commercial electric vehicle innovations evolving, our engineers are tasked with solving new problems every day. How can we fine-tune throttle response? How will we keep bigger and better battery packs cool? Orscheln continuously evolves our production to stay ahead of any future demands commercial zero-emission vehicles throw at us.


Companies are electrifying their fleet vehicles in droves. To keep up with this demand, retrofitters, and new vehicle manufacturers turn to a name trusted by fleets for decades. Orscheln currently provides fleet vehicle manufacturers with ready-to-work solutions for light and heavy-duty fleet vehicles. Fleet manufacturers have one less thing to think about when they use Orscheln for their transition to electric vehicle innovation.

By continuing to work with the same fleet manufacturers that have trusted us for decades, we’re able to grow with the OEMs we serve. We’re also trusted by budding start-ups from the prototype to the final production model. Whether you know exactly what you need or just need advice, every zero-emission vehicle innovation starts by talking to an engineer.


One of the crucibles of electric vehicle innovation is on the farm. Orscheln provides agricultural manufacturers with new solutions every day to increase yields and minimize downtime. But as the world moves toward a zero emissions future, the agricultural industry is already a step ahead. Electrified tractors and equipment utilize our products even when no one is behind the wheel.

Our products are used in some of the first autonomous zero-emission vehicles on farms nationwide. By utilizing satellite guidance paired with CAN sensors in our throttle controls and wheel angle sensors, our products are shaping the future of agriculture globally. Fewer emissions, increased productivity, and more full stomachs are products of zero-emission vehicle innovations made possible by Orscheln products.

Innovations powered by experience

From agriculture to commerce, to your commute, Orscheln products are trusted by manufacturers that make daily life possible. To further improve that quality of life, we need to work together for a brighter, zero-emissions future. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we draw on our experience to create reliable products for current and future electric vehicle innovation.

Our History

Before we became the international name we are today, we began with a single part. One mishap on an Orscheln Truck Lines delivery led to our founder creating an industry-standard parking brake system still in use today. As the popularity of our engineering grew, so did our business. Orscheln products have evolved alongside our customers to meet their needs and exceed expectations.

Our present

You can see our products at work currently in the sky, on the highway, and on the water. Customers that come to us for their zero-emission vehicle innovation trust our engineers for products they can rely on. That’s because we engineer every product as if we were putting it on our own vehicle. We use all applicable quality and ecological standards on every product to ensure the highest quality possible. Our commitment to quality and service makes us an authority for zero emissions initiatives as well.

Run On Less

Run on Less is a real-world demonstration of advancements in the freight industry that spans two countries. Organized by the North American Council for Freight Efficiency, Run on Less showcases advancements that are changing the way the world moves. Orscheln is a proud supporter of this program as a trusted component supplier for electric vehicle innovations.

With our support, the 13 trucks that participated in RoL-E 2021 drove over 6900 miles, made 1,692 deliveries, and saved 11.72 tons of CO2. Participants utilized our state-of-the-art throttle controls, shift selectors, and fluid transfer tubes every step of the way. Orscheln continues to support the NACFE and RoL-E in future studies and the development of their groundbreaking Electric Depot.

Our Future

The future of our world depends on the technology that shapes it. So when manufacturers need a new component for their zero-emission vehicle, they trust Orscheln. Every industry that needs motion control systems knows our capabilities, quality service, and parts they can trust. 

As we look to the future, Orscheln is proud to innovate alongside our customers. Our products and technology may change over time, but our commitment to quality products is nothing new. A zero emissions future is on the horizon because our trusted engineers are here to help create it. 

Progress Awaits

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

-Steve Jobs

When it comes to emerging technology, if you wait to innovate, you get left behind. If you’re ready to lead the charge to a zero emissions future, you’re going to need solutions you can trust. Talk to an engineer to get started. Or contact us to jumpstart your electric vehicle innovation.