Push Pull Control Cables for Off-Highway Applications

Orscheln has push pull control cables for off-highway use.

As a global leader in the production of push pull control cables product, Orscheln Products serves as a resource for OEM and aftermarket customers for off-highway use. Orscheln offers a wide range of standard cable products which can include Push-Pull, T-Handle, Control Head, Valve Control, Throttle and Tension. Orscheln continues to manufacture the Felsted and ACCO control cable product line, a distinguishing factor in cable offerings of manufacturers worldwide.

Orscheln Products can produce a wide range of manufacturing capabilities from die cast and injection molding, stranding and extrusion, to stamping and plating. Orscheln can utilize these capabilities to produce high quality components and potentially at the quantity that meets a given need.

Need customized push pull control cables for off-highway use?push pull control cables

Orscheln Products can provide custom cable solutions. How does Orscheln manage this? Orscheln’s process is complemented by experienced engineering staff that has the potential to provide a solution to an OEM cable requirement, our services can range from light duty strand assembly to the heaviest tension or high efficiency push-pull cable assembly.

If you are an OEM engineer please contact Orscheln’s sales department and if you are an aftermarket customer please contact a  F.A.S.T.®    distributor.

Orscheln push pull control cables can satisfy your need. OEM customers contact us today or learn more about product specs.

Orscheln Products supplies the world with innovative solutions. Established in 1946, Orscheln Products has built a reputation as the leading global supplier of motion control systems. This recognition comes from a continuous commitment to manufacturing quality, leading-edge products and providing superior service. Orscheln has locations in North America, Europe, China & India specializing in different product industries.

Regardless of your market, Orscheln can work with your push pull control cable objectives and holds the capability to discuss one-on-one what options will fit the objective.