Orscheln Products Offers Custom Hand Throttles for Electronically Controlled Engines.

At Orscheln Products, we work with our customers to design custom hand throttles for their electronically controlled engines. Let Orscheln Products assist you with a custom hand throttle that is designed to fit your specific applications. Many factories and manufacturing facilities use electronically controlled engines that are controlled with a hand throttle. If you are looking for a custom hand throttle that is designed to be reliable and durable, talk to Orscheln Products. To help ensure each customer’s needs are taken care of, we offer two different options for hand throttles. The first hand throttle is engineered to use our Orscheln Hall Effect Sensor and a custom-designed cable that is designed for easy for hand operation. Our other line of electronic hand throttles includes our EV2 Vernier Control, which comes pre-set from the factory. This helps allow for easy installation as our pre-set design is intended to be installed without any field adjustment. Its main function is to help provide precise, variable engine speed adjustment on electronically controlled stationary engines, or from a remote operating position on mobile equipment.

Contact the Sales Team at Orscheln Products to learn more about our custom hand throttles for electronically controlled engines.