Let Orscheln Products Provide Fluid Level Indicators for Your Fleet.


Looking for a fluid level indicator to outfit your fleet of heavy-duty vehicles? Let Orscheln Products’ patented Twist2Lock® dipsticks assist with fluid level indication. Dipsticks, or fluid level indicators, are one of the many parts that affect your engine and transmission. Not only are fluid level indicators engineered to give readings about the amount of fluid in an engine or transmission, they are also designed to keep fluid from leaking. At Orscheln Products, we have tested and patented our Twist2Lock® dipsticks. These dipsticks are designed to accommodate check, check/fill, or fill-only applications, and are available for medium and heavy-duty engines and transmissions. Orscheln Products’ Fluid Level Indicators are engineered with a locking cap that is designed to help eliminate loose or lost sticks caused by vibration, a common problem with heavy-duty machinery. Orscheln Products’ Fluid Level Indicators are available with customer-specific blades & markings to help ensure that you get the fluid level indicator that fits your specific needs. Orscheln Products’ Fluid Level Indicators have a patented design that helps to eliminate oil leakage “blow-by” at cap and at the engine block.

If you’d like to learn more about the features of our patented Twist2Lock® fluid level indicators, please contact the sales team at Orscheln Products.