Felsted™ Engine, Valve and Pump Controls from Orscheln Products


Looking for Felsted™ engine, valve, and pump controls? Orscheln Products offers a wide variety of Felsted™ engine, valve, and pump controls for the on-highway and off-highway heavy-duty markets. Orscheln Products is proud to offer Felsted™ foot pedals and Felsted™ hand vernier controls for the newer generation of electronic controlled diesel engines. We also continue to offer Felsted™ controls that use Orscheln Products’ traditional mechanical control cables, which we produce for both OEM and aftermarket needs. The Felsted™ hand levers are cable controlled levers that are designed to provide rugged operation and flexibility for remote locations. For more information about our Felsted™ engine, valve and pump controls, contact the Sales Team at Orscheln Products today.