EV2 Vernier Control for Electronic Engines

As an international leader and provider of motion control systems in the industry, Orscheln Products L.L.C. offers EV2 vernier controls. These controls are used for electronic engines and electronically-controlled diesel engines to effectively and precisely adjust the variable of electronic engines.

OEMs and aftermarket customers value and use EV2 vernier controls to adjust the variable engine speed. It can be electronically managed from a stable operating position or it can easily be operated from a mobile machine.

Orscheln’s customers matter

At Orscheln, we firmly strive to please our customers and understand their wishes. We understand the industry and the industry needs. We want our products to be efficient but also effective for our customers.

  1. Simple: Our first thought, was a simple operating system. This can be used at any continuous engine speed for all electronic engines.
  2. Safe: Our products need to be safe. Our customers are in our hands, and we want them to feel safe at our expense. After meticulous effort, the EV2 Vernier is a product that features effective safety precautions. The throttle is designed and created to not be pulled wide open.
  3. Control: A friction collar is applied that can be loosed to control manually the change in the engine’s speed. This was implemented to combat changes in speed. This puts the power and control of the throttle in your hands if a change in engine speed is needed.
  4. Quick shut down: The EV2 offers a quick shut down feature that can be quickly stopped by pushing into the knob on the outside.
  5. Quick installation: The installation is quick and simple. It’s only 2-4 inches in diameter so it won’t cover a large amount of space.

An EV2 vernier control is a controllable device that is easy to use and manage by those who operate electronic engines. It was created to cater towards drivers. It’s simplicity, safely, customer-control, and quick installation factors into its efficient and effective capabilities.

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