Reliable Electronic Driving Controls

Orscheln Products L.L.C. is the global leader in the motion control system industry. We have learned from our customers what they want and need when driving. Most of our drivers spend their time searching the industry for reliable driving controls. It’s a tricky process to find one that works well with the client, and is effective enough. At Orscheln, we offer Felsted™ Electronic Vernier (EV2) controls that are designed to pair with most electronically-controlled diesel engines.

Vernier controls provide accurate engine speed.

An EV2 vernier control provides accurate, engine speed. These controls can provide variable engine speed adjustment on electronically controlled stationary engines, or from a remote position on mobile equipment. If Orscheln’s standard electronic vernier (EV2) controls do not meet a customer’s requirements, a ¼ turn design configuration is also available. Although, our customers enjoy the versatility EV2s offer.

What is an EV2?

An EV2 is a precise hand operated control that manages the engine’s speed. They are created to provide trustworthy engine speed adjustment for electronically-controlled engines. Many of our drivers tend to be working hands-on jobs and are constantly controlling heavy-duty equipment. For our customers that this applies to, the knob on the surface of the EV2 vernier control is large enough to be able to effectively navigate the control with gloves on. Any user will be able to quickly navigate an EV2 – no matter what the circumstances are.

The EV2 utilizes a linear potentiometer. This is designed to easily translate the mechanical position into an electrical signal. This, in turn, controls the engine from an entirely remote location. They are pre-set before leaving manufacturing, and tested to guarantee that they are sealed for protection from any outside forces. This is helpful to create a safe driving environment for customers as it doesn’t require customers to make adjustments while using.

Components of an EV2

  1. Orscheln’s Felsted™ Electronic Vernier (EV2) controls feature a large (2-1/4”) diameter knob that is designed to be easily identified. They are also small enough to be easily and quickly installed for immediate use.
  2. They provide continuous engine speed regulation, from idle to wide open throttle in seven full turns.
  3. The electronic vernier (EV2) controls offer a quick shutdown feature that is designed to be activated by pushing in the knob. This easily activated knob provides our drivers with reliability when they’re out on the road.
  4. An adjustable friction collar is included. This helps to prevent accidental changes in engine speed.

Contact an engineer today to learn if an EV2 Vernier is right for you.