High-quality Electronic Foot Pedals

High-quality Electronic Foot PedalsOrscheln Products Electronic Throttle Pedals deliver a precise signal that interacts with the engine’s electronic fuel management systems. The fast-reacting pedal provides smooth driver operation and features a durable, longer-life programmable Hall Effect sensor. The polymer components create a lightweight pedal, as much as half the weight of current pedals in the marketplace. Quality testing ensures reliability and durability as well. Orscheln Products also has the ability to create a custom Electronic Foot Pedal to meet your specific needs!

Electronic throttles for on and off-highway applications

Floor mounted and suspended designs deliver precise signals that work hand in hand with the engine’s electronic fuel management systems designed for the electronic throttle.

Lightweight pedals created from Polymer are available. These pedals allow for a smooth ride operated by the driver. Steel base plates are available upon request as well. Each pedal requires extensive testing procedures that ensure each unit works effectively and efficiently.

Where can these electronic throttle controls be applied?

  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Motorhomes
  • Construction machinery
  • Farm machinery
  • Delivery Vehicles

Electronic throttle control product benefits

The electronic throttle control is designed to have a smooth, responsive interface. It is precisely engineered by a team of professionals for quality support and application. The throttle’s outputs are electrically independent dual programmable outputs. Programming options are customizable. You can choose between analog, PWM output, increasing or decreasing signals, custom open or closed throttle signal levels.

  • 100% end-of-line testing
  • Floor Mount or Suspended Foot Pedal Assemblies
  • Hand Throttle Assemblies
  • IP67,-40°C to 85°C operation range
  • Tested to SAEJ1455

What is an EV2 Vernier Control?

EV2 Vernier Control is a variable engine speed adjustment that can be hand or remote controlled on mobile devices. It is designed to translate the mechanical position into an electric signal to control the engine from a distant location.

What is a dual output hall effect sensor?

A dual output Hall effect sensor is a dual programmed sensor. It allows for instantaneous confirmation of sensor angles from the engine’s electronic fuel management systems.

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