Vernier Hand Throttles

5 features of a precise hand throttle – vernier hand throttles from Orscheln Products.

Are you looking for vernier hand throttles? Our hand throttles are designed for use with electronic engines to allow hand control of the engine. Here are the top 5 feature benefits of our product offering.


    1. In-cab location

    2. Remote location

    3. Easy to operate

    4. Precise control of engine

    5. Quick shut-down feature available if you desire 

vernier hand throttles

The EV2 Vernier Hand Throttles Control.

Orscheln Products’ EV2 vernier control is designed to provide more precise and variable engine speed adjustments on electronically controlled stationary engines, or from a remote operating position on mobile equipment. It uses a linear potentiometer to translate mechanical position to an electrical signal in order to control the engine from a remote location.

The EV2 control looks and works similar to the mechanical cable version it replaced, allowing familiar operation to the end user. The large diameter, easily identifiable knob provides continuous engine speed regulation from idle to wide open throttle in seven full turns, providing fine engine speed adjustment. It offers a quick shut-down feature activated by pushing in the knob.

Orscheln’s second hand throttle option.

Orscheln manufactures another hand throttle which incorporates Electronic Hall-Effect Sensors. This throttle option has polymer housing and a short lever arm which allows the attachment of a customer designed cable for easy hand operation. Orscheln Products manufactures a non-contact hall effect sensor for throttle controls. The sensor is fully programmable and customizable to meet any customer requirement.

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