Shift-By-Wire for Electronic Systems

Shift-By-Wire Solutions for Electronic Shift Actuator Systems (ESAS).

ESAS is designed for transmissions with a mechanical interface, e.g. Allison™ 1000/2000 Series, to provide a shift-by-wire system that operates over CAN J1939. This system can be programmedShift-By-Wire to communicate with the TCM to provide diagnostic feedback. It also provides for bump shifting in applications where needed.

What are the benefits of Orscheln’s shift-by-wire electronic systems?

Orscheln’s products include an electric motor actuator with integrated motor controller which simplifies electrical connections which integrates motor controller increases actuator reliability by eliminating motor feedback wire connections. Orscheln’s product has motor feedback which uses a Hall-Effect Sensor which will increase the actuator’s reliability due to non-contact technology feedback sensor. More features and benefits.

Orscheln’s standard shift-by-wire products include Non-Contact Sensors, Electronic Throttle Controls , Electronic Shift Controls, Shift Sequence Sensing, Electronic Interlocks, Electronic
Actuators, Diagnostic Tools and Remote Controls.

In need of custom shift-by-wire solutions for electronic systems?

Orscheln’s custom shift-by-wire , ESAS system can offer products with full design capability. This can include systems engineering, PCB Design, Software, Mechanical Design, Molded Housings. This process can provide design verification – environmental specifications including temperature, vibration, water ingression, salt spray, and electrical including EMI Manufacturing. Orscheln can provide Contract Assembly, Electromechanical Assembly and Automated Visual Inspection.

Orscheln shift-by-wire electronic system products can satisfy your need. OEM customers contact us today or learn more about product specs.

If you are an OEM engineer please contact Orscheln’s sales department and if you are an aftermarket customer please contact a  F.A.S.T.®    distributor.

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