Electronic Foot Pedals for Military Applications

Electronic Foot Pedals for Military ApplicationsThe only dependable Electronic Foot Pedals for Military Applications you can count on.

Military equipment cannot afford to cut any corners. At Orscheln Products, we completely agree. In fact, we share a common mind set – quality and dependability, always.  Because of this reason, Orscheln Products specifically designs and manufactures only the strongest electronic foot pedals for Military Applications. If your engineered vehicle will face heavy-duty terrain, harsh weather, or pull large and sensitive equipment – you need dependability. For Army Strong Performance, Army Strong Electronic Foot Pedals.

Electronic foot pedals for military applications to withstand the toughest of situations.

Let us explain what Orschlen Products LLC can offer for Electronic Foot Pedals for Military Applications. Our pedals are floor mounted and they come with suspended designs. Each electronic foot pedal delivers a very specific signal which can interact with your engine’s electronic fuel management systems. Our pedals are fast-reacting, which can provide smooth driver operation. The pedals feature a durable, longer-life programmable, specifically designed at Orscheln Products, sensor.

Orscheln Products uses leading polymer components which can create a lightweight pedal for your OEM application. The lightweight pedal has as much as half the weight of current pedals in the marketplace. Steel based plates are available if you need this requirement.

Informative resource for military application industries.

Orschlen Products strives to be a knowledgable resource for our clients and we like to keep up on the current trends in our respective industries. Orschlen Products LLC  For example, we know the Army uses the following characteristics to describe their equipment from their website.

Characteristics the army uses to describe their military equipment:

– “operates wherever, regardless of climate conditions

– high power-to-weight ratio with four-wheel drive

– effective tool in difficult terrain

– transports, deploys and recovers tanks

– six-wheeled armored vehicle equipped with a hydraulic arm used to clear explosives, such as mines”

Needless to say, military equipment has unique requirements. Therefore, Orschlen Products is proud to offer quality motion control systems for the military industry. During our design and manufacturing process we hold the capability to provide products to uphold to the standards of our military customers.

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