Electronic throttle controls

Orscheln Products L.L.C. manufactures electronic throttle controls for on-highway and off-highway applications. From trucks and busses to motorhomes and delivery vehicles – a variety of applications are compatible with Orscheln’s electronic throttle controls.

Electronic throttle controls

Orscheln delivers the end of the line testing. Throughout the entire process, our professional team of engineers perform tests that assure each electronic throttle control is performing as it should. At Orscheln, we promise our electronic throttle controls will exceed not only your expectations but the industry’s expectations.

What are electronic throttle controls?

Electronic throttle controls are the direct connection from the throttle to the foot pedal. Orschelns’ pedals can be floor mounted or suspended. Electronic control pedals are designed to be fast-acting as well. Therefore, they can provide a smooth driving pattern. Each electronic pedal is extremely light-weight, which allows for a swift and easy interaction from the foot to the pedal. If necessary, we can design and create steel base plates.

Why are electronic throttle controls beneficial?

Electronic throttle controls are beneficial for a variety of reasons on and off-highway drivers will find extremely helpful. Our electronic throttle controls are responsive, precise, and allow for custom designs for each and every customer.

  • Responsive: Electronic throttle controls are designed to be light and durable. This allows the pedal to deliver a responsive interface efficiently and effectively.
  • Custom design: At Orscheln, we specialize in delivering custom designs for each client. As every application requires different electronic throttle controls, it’s important for us to accommodate to this uniqueness.
  • Precision: Our technicians design and manufacture electronic throttle controls to deliver precise and accurate communication from the throttle to the pedal.

The EV2 Vernier Hand Throttles Control

An EV2 Vernier hand throttle control helps to deliver accurate precision for speed adjustments. These can be controlled from an electronically controlled stationary engine or a remote position. This hand throttle is similar to a mechanical cable version that it will replace. Therefore, it will be simple and easy for users to operate and manage.

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