parking brake cable

Orscheln Products L.L.C. understands that your on-highway or off-highway application requires unique parking brake cables that are reliable and trustworthy. Over the past 70 years, we have proudly offered professional of motion control systems that our customers are satisfied with. We strive to create and design cutting-edge parking brake cables that won’t disappoint on the road. Our systems are globally available, allowing for all OEM and aftermarket customers to have access to our parking brake cables.

A custom parking brake cable from Orscheln is designed in-house by our team of highly trained professional engineers. Each parking brake is designed to withstand and overcome any issues that may arise. The strands are fully jacketed and coated to withstand any type of corrosion. They are effectively sealed to lock-out any liquids too. Orscheln’s parking brake cable is has the ability to withstand any emergency or unexpected situation that emerge.

Orscheln Products strives to prepare your supply chain for all future requirements and possibilities. Therefore, the company continuously strives to provide industry-leading parking brake cable essentials. Some of our parking brake system products include:

  1. Parking brake levers: Our parking brake levers supply adequate movements between the on and off position on the parking brake. They allow for swift and efficient movement in the hands of any on or off-highway driver.
  2. Cable locks: A cable lock allows the parking brake cable to stay in place.

Why is a parking brake cable beneficial?

A parking brake cable features a sturdy, robust design that is expected to withstand anything and everything. As we’ve been in the business for over 70 years, we have finely tuned our creation and production of parking brake cables. We have dedicated effortless time to maintaining quality cables that allow for safety on the road.

After a parking brake cable is manufactured, our job isn’t complete. Orschelns tests its products in-house to ensure that they are safe and reliable before they head off on the road. We guarantee that a parking brake cable will comply with industry standards and your professional requirements.

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