Orscheln China

Orscheln-China1-276x300Orscheln Products is a known global provider of quality products. To better fit the needs of international OEM and aftermarket customers, Orscheln Products offers locations worldwide. One of Orscheln’s international operations facilities can be found in Shanghai, China. Orscheln China can provide OEM and aftermarket customers with mechanical and electrical controls for a range of operations which includes park brakes, engines, and transmissions. No matter your industry, Orscheln China can help you when you need it most.

Learn more about Orscheln China here. OEM and aftermarket customers in China and surrounding countries can speak with a member of the Orscheln China Sales Team via the contact information provided below.

Orscheln China
753 Yin Hang Road, Room 252
Yang Pu District
Shanghai, China
Tel: +86 (0) 21 53521300 x8016
Fax: +86 (0) 21 5352 1300
Email: sales@orschelnchina.com.cn
Web: www.orschelnchina.com.cn