Quality Controls from Orscheln China

Orscheln-China1-276x300If you are an OEM or aftermarket customer located to the east of the globe, Orscheln Products still has you covered. Orscheln Products has various locations all around the world, including in Shanghai, China. Orscheln China specializes in providing OEM and aftermarket customers with quality mechanical and electrical controls for park brakes, engines, and transmissions. Whether your application is intended for agriculture, aviation, buses, construction, marine, or trucks, Orscheln China can assist you in finding a quality mechanical or electrical control that will get the job done. Orscheln China believes that all mechanical and electrical controls for park brakes, engines, and transmissions should be designed and manufactured with the customer’s needs in mind. To learn more about Orscheln China and what they can offer you for your various applications, follow this link.


Orscheln China
753 Yin Hang Road, Room 252
Yang Pu District
Shanghai, China
Tel: +86 (0) 21 53521300 x8016
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Email: sales@orschelnchina.com.cn
Web: www.orschelnchina.com.cn