Quality Hall-Effect Sensors for Heavy Duty Applications

Sensor1-275x300Are you an aftermarket customer or OEM searching the market for a dependable sensor for your heavy duty applications? Orscheln Products has you covered with their quality hall-effect sensors that is intended for heavy duty applications. Hall-effect sensors are used in the electronic throttle control system during the communication between the ETCS and the heavy-duty application’s fuel management system. Since heavy duty applications are not all the same, Orscheln Products designs hall-effect sensors to be fully programmable and customizable to match your application’s requirement. Sensor outputs include dual analog and PWM. Orscheln Products engineers durability and dependability into hall-effect sensors that are capable of operating at -40 degrees celsius to +85 degrees celsius. For specific details on hall-effect sensors from Orschlen Products, click here. If you are wanting to order your hall-effect sensors for heavy-duty applications, feel free to contact a member the Orscheln Products Sales Team today.