Orscheln Products Offers Electronic Actuators with Motor Feedback


For electronic actuators with motor feedback, contact Orscheln Products. The electronic “smart” actuators are offered as a complete electronic shift actuator system, along with a push button shift selector, and can provide motor feedback through the use of a non-contact hall-effect sensor. The non-contact hall-effect sensor is designed to help increase the reliability of the actuator, as it provides motor feedback on positions to the OLED graphic display advisory system on the electronic push button shift selectors. These electronic actuators with motor feedback from Orscheln Products are also high output, designed to provide a mechanical output force up to 150 pounds. Offered in 12 or 24 volt, they can be set up for direct mount or remote connection and are sealed to help protect the actuator. For more information on Orscheln’s electronic actuators with motor feedback, contact the Sales Team today.