Orscheln Products Manufactures Felsted™ Foot Pedals for Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Felsted™ foot pedals from Orscheln Products are designed for heavy-duty vehicles, including trucks, buses, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, and a range of other vehicles with foot-operated controls. The Felsted™ foot pedals are designed to be rigid and durable, with steel stamping construction and oil impregnated bronze bearings that help the Felsted™ foot pedals last longer than other heavy-duty foot pedals on the market. Orscheln’s Felsted™ foot pedals are also designed with flexibility in mind and have 360º adjustability for cable entry. Some other features of these Felsted™ foot pedals for heavy-duty vehicles include: a self-cleaning boot that is designed to help deflect dirt, adjustable pedal height, and a heel rest. Pair these quality foot pedals with Felsted™ cables to create a total Felsted™ foot pedal system for the vehicle. For further inquiries about Orscheln Products’ Felsted™ foot pedals for heavy-duty vehicles, please contact the Sales Team.

Orscheln Products Foot Pedal