Orscheln Products Offers A Variety of Shift Control Levers


Orscheln Products is proud to offer shift control levers in a variety of styles. Our customers can choose between side push button, t-handle release, and top push button configurations to find a solution that suits their specific application. Orscheln Products also offers a shift “system”, which consists of a shift control lever, a control cable, and a transmission connection kit. Orscheln’s Electronic Shift Actuator System (ESAS) is engineered to be electro-mechanical and is designed to provide a shift-by-wire system that operates over CAN J1939. It is programmed to communicate with the TCM to provide diagnostic feedback and provides for bump shifting in applications where needed. The benefits of using an Orscheln ESAS may include less wiring and harnesses, simpler installation, easier calibration method, direct or remote mount, and less time and labor.
Please contact the Orscheln Products Sales Team for more information about shift control levers.