Floor Mounted Foot Pedals for Off-Highway Vehicles

Orscheln Products Foot PedalIf you are an OEM or aftermarket customer in the market for flood mounted electronic foot pedals intended for off-highway applications, it is important to check how Orscheln Products manufactures and engineers quality products designed to assist and ease the operation for a wide range of vehicles, such as farm, construction equipment, and more. Off-highway vehicles often require a higher quality product, which Orscheln Products is dedicated to helping OEMs and aftermarket locate and utilize. To stand above the competition in the floor mounted electronic foot pedal industry, Orscheln Products designs their pedals to feature a programmable hall effect sensor. To keep the product quality superior for the customer’s high standards, Orscheln Products conducts durability testing such as:

  • Humidity
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Temperature Cycle
  • And more

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