Quality Calibrated Fluid Level Indicators

Orscheln Producs Fluid-Level-IndicatorsMany OEMs and aftermarket customers are actively searching for calibrated fluid level indicators that are specifically designed for a wide range of applications, including on and off-highway vehicles. Orscheln Products is proud to offer OEMs and aftermarket customers quality calibrated fluid level indicators that contain features and advantages that work with different types of applications and operators. While some operators prefer a “T” handle, other operators may prefer a rounded cap design. In addition to varying locking cap design, Orscheln Products also offers a variety materials for your dipsticks to be made with. Calibrated fluid level indicators are required for applications to maintain a healthy level of liquid in the engine. If you are interested in learning additional details about Orscheln’s quality calibrated fluid level indicators, feel free to click here now. To place your order, follow this link to contact a member of the Orscheln Products Sales Team today!