EV2 Vernier Controls for Buses

If you are an original equipment manufacturer or aftermarket customer looking for a hand throttle you’ve come to the right place. Our hand throttles are designed and manufactured to deliver precise, variable engine speeds to your buses fuel management system. Orscheln Products has the right electronic throttle controls for you.

OEMs and aftermarket customers value EV2 vernier controls due to their durable and reliable qualities. The EV2 vernier control is designed to be safe and navigable for our customers. Since it’s only 2-4 inches in diameter, it’s easy to install and doesn’t take up a significant amount of room.

What is an EV2 Vernier control?


EV2 vernier controls are created to provide reliable engine speed adjustment for engines. EV2s are a precise and reliable control for all variable engine speeds, such as buses.

EV2 vernier controls are hand-operated, readily available for individuals to use and operate. The controls can be operated from a stationary engine, or they can also be controlled from a remote operating position on a mobile device.

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A Linear Potentiometer Included

Orscheln Products’ EV2 vernier controls for buses utilize a linear potentiometer. Potentiometers are designed to translate the mechanical position into an electrical signal. This is so it’s able to precisely and effectively control the engine from an entirely remote location.

Pre-Set and Protected EV2 controls

The custom EV2 vernier controls that Orscheln creates for buses are pre-set. They are pre-set prior to leaving the manufacturer. The potentiometer is sealed for protection against any outside sources that may damage the product. This means OEM and aftermarket customers will not need to make adjustments in the field. Protecting and pre-setting Ev2 controls will help consumers receive efficient and effective products that are ready to be put to use.

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