Electronic Shift Actuator Systems from Orscheln Products

The electronic shift actuator systems from Orscheln Products are designed for transmissions with a mechanical interface (e.g. Allison™ 1000/2000 Series) and are manufactured as a complete system consisting of a smart motor actuator and a push button shift selector which operate over CAN J1939 communication. A few features of the smart motor actuator of the electronic shift actuator systems include: a linear shaft output designed to allow the actuator to be set up for a direct connection or remote connection, a non-contact hall effect sensor that can increase actuator reliability, and a sealed design with a heavy-duty metal enclosure. The push button shift selectors feature a programmable control and communication PCB, along with a bright OLED display and interchangeable button labeling and bezel configurations. Please view the electronic shift actuator systems overview to learn more about the features. For more information regarding Orscheln Products’ electronic shift actuator systems, please contact the Sales Group today.