Custom Parking Brake Cable for On-Highway Applications

Orscheln Has Custom Parking Brake Cable for On-Highway Applications.

Orscheln should be the first name that comes to mind when considering a custom parking brake cable for on-highway applications. Orscheln has a history in this industry and knows durability, corrosion resistance, and dependability are critical. Therefore, our OEM and aftermarket customers need the best cable available. Orscheln Products PBT construction is a market leader and an answer to your parking brake cable needs.  Orscheln has the capability to design a tension cable that meets the needs of your cable applications.

Getting started to choose a custom parking brake cable is easy.

First, determine the size of the cable. Next, choose the fittings required to connect to your application and the mounting points. Then, identify the lengths required.  Have you seen Orscheln’s Cable Sketch Sheet ? This resource can help you lay out the cable details that will satisfy your needs.

Unsure of the size for your custom parking brake cable?

Orscheln Products has two main options. The first, a 1/8″ PBT Park Brake Cables are designed for use in light to medium duty applications. These cables are rated at 1,200 pounds or less. The second option, a 3/16″ PBT cables offer the same qualities as the 1/8″ cables. However, the 3/16″ PBT is recommended for heavier loads up to 3,000 pounds.

Orscheln custom parking brake cables can satisfy your need. OEM customers contact us today or learn more about product specs.

If you are an OEM engineer please contact Orscheln’s sales department and if you are an aftermarket customer please contact a  F.A.S.T.®    distributor.

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