Control Cables from Orscheln

Looking for control cables? Have you considered control cables from Orscheln?

Control Cables from Orscheln

If you haven’t, you should. Orscheln Products L.L.C. is your trusted partner in the motion control systems industry. What makes Orscheln a trusted partner in this industry? Our history, extensive product line and multiple application industries served should hold value for OEM or aftermarket customers considering control cables from Orscheln.

Orscheln Products supplies the world with innovative solutions. Since 1946, Orscheln Products has built a reputation in the motion control system industry as one of the leading global supplier. Our product line has evolved over the years as the needs and requirements shift in the industry. We currently offer control cables to electronic shift controls to fluid level indicators. Orscheln proudly serves five industries: marine, off-highway, on highway, aerospace, and defense.

What is included in mechanical control cables from Orscheln?

Orscheln Products L.L.C. is considered a global leader in the production of cable products. In addition to the extensive brake cable product line, Orscheln Products continues to develop and manufacture the Felsted and ACCO control cable product lines. This capability allows Orscheln to provide the most diverse cable offering of any manufacturer worldwide.

Push-Pull Control Cables

Push-Pull Control Cables from Orscheln Products L.L.C. is included in our standard control cables product line. The push-pull control cable has the potential to fit an application in our 5 industries, including trucks, buses, motorhomes, delivery vehicles, marine engines, agricultural equipment, and farm machinery.

Tension Control Cables

Another inclusion in Orscheln’s control cable product line, the tension control cable is in the same family as the push-pull control cable and the rest of Orschlen’s standard control cables. The various cable constructions offer improved flexibility, efficiency, and load capabilities.

Local supplier service,on an international scale.

Orscheln has built a vast network of distributors, over 100 assemblers are a part of our F.A.S.T distributor program. F.A.S.T. has international reach and influence, making custom control cables and other products. Our distributors can be found in 25 countries.

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