custom control cables manufacturers

For our innovative OEM customers, the expertise of custom control cables manufacturers you’re looking for.

custom control cables manufacturers

The motion control systems industry is always continually evolving to provider better solutions. Whether in the off-highway, on-highway, military, marine and aerospace industry we all have the same goal. Our economy thrives on innovation, for OEMs needing a solution for a unique requirement, their options may be limited. Orscheln Products L.L.C. employs a team of professionals with the expertise and capability to be one of the custom control cables manufacturers you’re looking for.

Not just any custom control cables manufacturers, a manufacturer with a history of dedication to excellence.

How do we define excellence? Our continual commitment to expand and diversify our product line based on an ever changing market, leading technologies and the growing needs of our customers are key to our continued excellence in the motion control systems industry.


Since 1946, Orscheln Products has built a reputation over time as a leading global supplier of motion control systems. Again, our recognition comes from a continuous commitment to manufacturing quality, leading-edge products and providing superior service on a global level.

Global Influence. 

Orscheln Products L.L.C. manufactures and serves customers domestically in the United States with our headquarters in Moberly, Missouri. Orscheln is also proud to serve the European market with a special focus on commercial heavy-duty trucks, buses, and off-highway equipment. Our market in India specializes in manufacturing the Twist2Lock Dipsticks, a part of our fluid level indicators family, Push2Seal™ Dipsticks, Electronic Hand Throttles, Push-Pull Cables and Shifters. Lastly, our market in China proudly supports the On-Highway, Off-Highway, Aerospace, Defense, Marine, and Specialty markets.

Our control cables feature: throttle control cables.

Orscheln’s throttle control cables are a part of our standard line of control cable products. The standard line includes the Push-Pull, T-Handle, Control Head, Valve Control, and tension cable options. We also offer electronic throttle controls for customers. Choose from an electronic foot pedals, EV2 Vernier hand throttles and more!

Mechanical Control Cables

Electronic Throttle Cables



Orscheln is the choice among custom control cables manufacturers.