Control Cables Manufacturers for Off Highway Applications

Control Cables Manufacturers for Off Highway Applications

Are you an OEM or aftermarket customer searching for control cables manufacturers for off highway applications?

Industries with product offerings similar to the motion control systems industry lack in product differentiation. For the most part, each product is similar in design across the industry. Therefore, it can be challenging to choose quality control cables manufacturers for off highway applications.

We think there is one key to choosing the right manufacturer, education. Educating yourself on the strengths of the manufacturer can lead to a more confident decision.

So, why Orscheln as your Control Cables Manufacturers for Off Highway Applications?

We’re so happy you asked. Let’s break it down into the top 5 reasons you should consider Orscheln Products L.L.C. as your control cables supplier in the motion control systems industry.

  1. We offer One of the Most Diverse Cable Offerings Worldwide

    In addition to our extensive brake cable product line, Orscheln Products continues to develop and manufacture the Felsted and ACCO control cable product line. Orscheln Products offers a wide range of standard cable products, e.g. Push-Pull, T-Handle, Control Head, Valve Control, Throttle and Tension.

  2. Offering Custom Cable Solutions

    Orscheln Products provides custom cable solutions in addition to our standard cable offerings. We have the capability to offer this product offering thanks to our experienced engineering staff.  We are proud to employ engineers with the capability to provide a solution to potentially any OEM cable requirement, from light duty strand assembly to the heaviest tension or high efficiency push-pull cable assembly.

  3. Professional Engineering & Testing

    Orscheln Products Engineering is comprised of a dedicated team of professionals committed to listening to each customer and delivering solutions that serve customer needs and exceed expectations. Our engineering disciplines include Mechanical Design, Electrical Hardware, Software, Test, Project Management, Manufacturing Engineering. Our manufacturing engineering includes – Tool/Fixture design and build, End-of-line testing, Kaizen, Error-proofing assembly processes.

    Every Orscheln Products Test Engineer is devoted to ensuring each Orscheln product is designed to function at the highest level of integrity. Orscheln Products’ 7,000 sq. ft. lab houses all of the testing operations built to prove each product meets internal and/or customer specified requirements.

  4.  Control cables manufacturers serving 6 industries; that’s us!

    Orscheln Products has been considered world class supplier by our clients to the on-highway, off-highway, aerospace, military, marine and specialty markets. Our ability to serve such a wide range of industries can speak to the width and breadth of Orscheln Products’ line of products. It can also speak to the versatility of our employees to keep up with the ever-changing OEM applications within each individual segment.

  5. A manufacturer with a history of quality products.

    Orscheln Products supplies the world with innovative solutions. We have supplied the world with innovations since 1946, Orscheln Products has built a reputation as the leading global supplier of motion control systems among clients and industry peers. This recognition comes from a continuous commitment to manufacturing quality, leading-edge products and providing superior service.

Contact us for more information in regards to our capability to serve as Control Cables Manufacturers for Off Highway Applications!