Push Button Automatic Transmission Shifters

Push Button Automatic Transmission Shifters

Offering push button automatic transmission shifters for a variety of industries.

Orscheln Products L.L.C. is now offering OEM and aftermarket customers push button automatic transmission shifters. To speak in Orscheln lingo, we refer to this product as our electronic push button shift selector. Orscheln Products designs and manufactures versatile push button shift selectors which have the ability to meet OEM and aftermarket manufacturing requirements. This product is designed and configured to offer flexible solutions for electronic shift control requirements.

How you can use push button automatic transmission shifters.

Our push button automatic transmission shifters, or push button shift selector, can be used for automatic, automated manual or hybrid power train OEM applications. In addition, Orscheln revisits and goes back to the enabled interface CAN communication for vehicle systems. The shift selector is powered by a driver control module. This is complemented by a graphic display advisory system. As an added bonus, Orscheln Products offers diagnostics for your transmission, a programmable circuit board and the flexibility for vehicle interlock.

We’re proud to serve a variety of motion control system industries.

Regardless of your industry, we have the potential to create a solution for our OEM and aftermarket customers. Orscheln Products is considered a large scale supplier to the on-highway, off-highway, aerospace, military, marine and specialty markets by the customers working with us. This reputation speaks volumes as to the width and breadth of Orscheln Products’ line of products. In addition, we are proud of the versatility of our employees to keep up with the ever-changing OEM applications and requirements within each individual segment. Orscheln Products takes great pride in having a presence in each one of these markets and values this commitment at the highest level.

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