Brake cables for heavy highway equipment

Orscheln Products L.L.C. designs and manufactures a line of brake cables for heavy highway equipment.

Are you an OEM or aftermarket customer looking for quality brake cables for heavy highway equipment applications? If so, you’re in the right place! Orscheln Products L.L.C. is considered an industry leader in the motion control systems industry. In fact, Orscheln Products’ PBT cable coating is considered a market leading solution and time-tested answer to your park brake cable needs. Orscheln Products over center style Park Brake Levers and Foot Pedal Levers have been the industry standard for over 70 years.

Orscheln’s hand & foot lever solutions.

Orscheln hand levers are designed on the principle of variable mechanical advantage, and therefore, variable hand effort. During the initial movement of the lever from the “off” to the “on” position, there is great linear movement in comparison to the output effort. As the lever approaches the “on” position, the output effort becomes greater in comparison to the linear movement. As the lever passes over center, or toggle position, the mechanical advantage is theoretically infinite.

Orscheln hand levers also provide a screw-type adjustment feature which allows the operator to make system adjustments. This is accomplished by simply turning the adjustment knob on the lever handle. Orscheln’s standard levers are shown in this section. Using these standard levers where possible can generally provide shorter lead-times and lower costs.

Park brake features:

  • Various mounting configurations
  • Variable handle lengths
  • Variable locking options
  • Light switch options available
  • Variable hand effort
  • Screw-type adjustments for the operator
  • Shorter lead times and lower costs
  • Custom designs available
  • Careful design discovery process.

Custom park brake levers 

When custom designs are needed, Orscheln offers many options and variations. The ability to design custom park brake levers is attributed to Orscheln’s vast engineering and manufacturing capabilities.  The key characteristics Orscheln takes into consideration when designing a lever system are included below.  Mounting bracket design should be determined by travel, cable clamp pattern, and mounting preference.

Custom park brake design factors:

  • safety
  • required lever output
  • mounting location
  • operator access
  • handle effort


Orscheln’s brake cable coating.

Orscheln’s park brake cables are considered a premium design in the industry. Orscheln’s park brake cables are equipped with a fully jacketed conduit and plastic coated strand to provide corrosion and abrasion protection while improving cable efficiency. Brake Cables are sealed to keep lubricant in and dirt and water out. We also offer cable hardware to connect your cable to any common parking brake systems, including equalizers for 2 brake systems.

Brake cable & systems applications

Curious which applications Orscheln’s brake cables and park brake systems can be applied to? Below is a brief list of our applications.

  • School buses
  • Delivery vehicles
  • Commercial
  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Motorhomes
  • Farm machinery

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