Aircraft Engine Oil Dipsticks

Aircraft engine oil dipsticks supplier for the aviation industry.

Aircraft Engine Oil Dipsticks

Are you looking for aircraft engine oil dipsticks for your application? Orscheln Products L.L.C. is proud to serve our OEM and aftermarket customers with quality solutions. Thanks to our extensive Fluid Level Indicator product line, we have a solution for many applications to meet the requirements of our 5 industries.

Aircraft Engine Oil Dipsticks

Orscheln Products L.L.C. has a large inventory of tube materials and configurations available to handle the wide range of temperatures and routings needed to support many different kinds of engine, transmission, and other fluid system operating environments.

Standard Aircraft Engine Oil Dipsticks

Orscheln Products L.L.C. Twist2Lock Fluid Level Indicator (FLI) product line is ideally suited for a wide range of engine, transmission and other applications. Fluid Level Indicators are manufactured as a complete system. A complete assembly includes a tube, locking cap and indicator as required.

Custom Aircraft Engine Oil Dipsticks

Orscheln has a professional team that has the capability to design and manufacture aircraft engine oil dipsticks. For example, we know that no two engine or transmission ports are the same. For this reason, Orscheln has the capability to offer customized end fittings for use with a variety of tube materials, both metal, and polymers, to meet your specific needs.

More Dipstick Assemblies


Addition Products: Aviation controls for Commercial Aviation

Orscheln Products L.L.C. has a full line of aerospace control systems for commercial aviation, general aviation and other aerospace applications.

Compliant Aerospace Controls.

At Orscheln, our team of experts understands the tight packaging spaces available in aircraft designs. For this reason, Orscheln specializes in custom designed systems that meet the requirements of each individual customer. Do you need to meet certain industry standards and/or compliance?  Orscheln Products L.L.C. has extensive experience working with FAA-PMA assemblies, as well as conforming to both FAA and company requirements.

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