Benefits of the NG Dump Body Control from Orscheln Products

Orscheln Products, a global leader in motion control systems, offers the NG Dump Body Control, used for the operation of pumps, hydraulic spool valves, and PTOs. This control can provide multiple benefits, including the following:

  • A quick-connect      cable mounting system can help provide easier installation.
  • The assembler      needs only a standard ¼ x 1” bolt and locknut to attach the cable to the      control, due to a clamp built into the cable mounting bracket.
  • The Dump Body      Control features a positive locking detent system which helps minimize the      possibility of the control being bumped or knocked out of detent      unintentionally.
  • The position      strip and lever indicator are illuminated, helping to provide easier      position range indication.

To learn more about the benefits of the NG Dump Body Control, please contact the Orscheln Products Sales Team.