For Durable Electronic Suspended Pedals, Contact Orscheln Products

With decades of experience in the heavy-duty vehicle marketplace, Orscheln Products understands the need for durable electronic suspended pedals. That’s why Orscheln Products offers a durable electronic suspended pedal that is engineered to be used in a variety of heavy-duty trucks, buses, and construction vehicles. Orscheln’s team of engineers have created an electronic suspended pedal that is designed to be durable, yet lightweight, due to its polymer composition. Orscheln’s electronic suspended pedals are engineered to incorporate a programmable Hall Effect sensor, and are designed to provide for easier installation and more flexible ergonomic positioning. With various pedal rotation angles, along with multiple connector options and harness lengths, Orscheln’s electronic suspended pedals are designed to be customizable to help meet a customer’s needs. To learn more about Orscheln’s durable electronic suspended pedals, contact Orscheln Products’ Sales Team today.