System Components for Orscheln’s Shift Inhibitor System

Company-Profile-300x200Orscheln Products’ shift inhibitor system is designed to combat damage from improper shifting by delaying the shifting process until the engine has returned to idle speed. It is a mechanical system and complies with the Allison® Transmission Watch Notice #65, requiring a neutral to range shift inhibitor system.

The system components for Orscheln’s shift inhibitor system are as follows:

  • Shift inhibitor control
  • Engine speed sensor*
  • Speed switch*
  • Airbrake Tubing*
  • Push-Pull Cable
  • Fittings*
  • Transmission Connection Kit

* These items are not supplied. Use this bulletin to determine the shifter part number, then consult with the Orscheln Products Sales and Engineering teams to create the correct system for your application.