Suspended Throttle Pedals

Global SuspendedAre you an OEM or aftermarket customer searching for quality suspended throttle pedals for your company or personal applications? Suspended throttle pedals by Orscheln Products are designed with the user in-mind. Suspended throttle pedals are manufactured for an ease of installation, flexibility for ergonomic positioning, and mounting per the customer’s specifications. Suspended throttle pedals by Orscheln Products are manufactured to provide the user with a fully polymer-based pedal that adapts for a wide rage of electronic throttle applications. Many suspended throttle pedals require a robust and design built for durability. In addition to striving to meet customer needs, Orscheln Products designs suspended throttle pedals to provide the user a smoother operation. To order your suspended throttle pedals, follow this link to speak to a member of the Orscheln Products Sales Group today.