Electronic Hand Throttles

Electronic-Hand-Throttle21-300x225 (1)If you are an OEM or aftermarket customer searching for high quality electric hand throttles that are designed to feature a hall-effect sensor and a polymer housing which are manufactured to assist in easy operation, Orscheln Products is the right choice for you. Easy operation is the goal of most OEMs and aftermarket customers when shopping around for quality parts for their applications. Orscheln Products is proud to offer OEMs and aftermarket customers high quality electronic hand throttles for a wide array of applications. Electronic hand throttles are a part of the Orscheln Products electronic throttle control system (ETCS). ETCS have a variety of responsibilities when it comes to operating your applications and can be found in hybrids, buses, stationary equipment, agriculture applications, and much more. Contact an experienced member of the Orscheln Products Sales Team today to order high-quality electronic hand throttles.