Suspended Electronic Foot Pedal from Orscheln Products

Global-Suspended1-300x300If you are in need of suspended electronic foot pedals, Orscheln Products is the place for you. Orscheln Products provides suspended electronic foot pedals and other quality products for OEMs and aftermarket customers. Orscheln Product’s suspended electronic foot pedals deliver a precise signal that interacts with the engine electronic fuel management system. By utilizing polymer components, the pedal is lightweight and can be made with steel base plates if requested. The completely polymer pedal is versatile for a wide range of electronic throttle applications requiring a strong, quality design. Orscheln’s suspended electronic foot pedals can provide the driver with a durable, but smooth operation and features a programmable hall effect sensor.

The specifications for Orscheln Products electronic foot pedal can be found in this link. If you are interested in learning more about suspended electronic foot pedals and other Orscheln Products, contact the sales team today.