Different Dipsticks for Different Applications

Orscheln Producs Fluid-Level-Indicators-p=[While OEMs and aftermarket customers value one Orscheln Products design over the other, all four designs of dipsticks are designed to fit needs that Orscheln Products sees across the board. Different dipsticks for different applications are important for OEMs or aftermarket customers who are shopping for a wide array applications. For those searching for engine oil check and the “T” Handle design, Orscheln Products designed and manufactured the F1 Series. If you are searching for a round cap and a transmission check, the F2 Series may fit your needs better. While all four designs have different features and benefits to them, all are designed with Twist2Lock technology. To place your order for different dipsticks for different applications, speak to a member of the Orscheln Products Sales Group by clicking here.