Special Features for Dipsticks

Orscheln fluid level indicatorAlong with local OEMs and aftermarket customers, Orscheln Products services international customers as well. International OEMs and aftermarket customers are commonly shopping the special features for dipsticks. The complete systems from Orscheln Products is designed to include a locking cap, tube, and indicator. Orscheln Products designs and manufactures quality special features for dipsticks. One of the special features for dipsticks is the Twist2Lock® technology. Twist2Lock® technology by Orscheln Products is designed to prevent engine fluid leaks in an application’s fluid management system(s). When ordering for a wide array of applications, it is important to fit the style of special features for dipsticks to the type of vehicle. Orscheln Products can offer four different types of dipsticks to find a best fit. Orscheln Products offers F1, F2, F3, and F4 models to select from. Each style offers the OEM or aftermarket customer different special features for dipsticks. The F1 features a “T” handle design while the F3 features a rounded cap. To place your order, click here to contact the Orscheln Products Sales Team.