“Smart” Electric Motor Actuators

Actuator2-300x300Orscheln Products, a global leader in the design and production of motion control solutions, produces a line of “smart” electric motor actuators which communicate over CAN J1939 to a push button shift selector to offer a complete shift-by-wire system. Orscheln’s “smart” electric motor actuators are designed for electro-mechanical transmissions (i.e. Allison® 1000/2000 Series) and feature an integrated motor controller, which helps simplify electrical connections in the actuator.

Additionally, the “smart” electric motor actuators from Orscheln Products have a high output design, which helps to provide sufficient strength to pull out of park position at various temperature extremes.

These “smart” electric motor actuators are designed to be durable, with a sealed design with a heavy-duty metal enclosure to ensure that the actuator can be located anywhere.

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