Smart Actuators for Electric Motors from Orscheln Products

Orscheln Products, a leader in the vehicle motion control industry, designs and manufactures smart actuators for electric motors. While Orscheln’s headquarters are located in Moberly, MO in the U.S.A., Orscheln Products works with a global network of F.A.S.T.® Distributors to provide electronic smart actuators and other motion control products to customers all over the world. The smart actuators for electric motors are part of the complete electronic shift actuator system (ESAS) when combined with Orscheln Products’ push button shift selector. You can view Orscheln Products’ Electronic Shift Actuator Overview by clicking here. The overview will explain the features and benefits of smart actuators for electric motors, as well as technical requirements. For more information about smart actuators for electric motors, contact the Orscheln Products Sales Team today.