Quality Electronic Foot Pedals

Orscheln Products Foot PedalOrscheln Products offers a variety of quality electronic pedals. If you are looking for electronic floor-mounted foot pedals or suspended electronic pedals, Orscheln Products is the right choice for you. Orscheln Products designs electronic foot pedals to send signals to the electronic fuel system in the engine. The electronic foot pedals are designed to be fast reacting and smooth for the operator. A durable, longer living programmable sensor is integrated into the electronic foot pedals in addition to the other high quality features. Polymer components in the electronic foot pedals give the pedals a lightweight feel. If a customer desires steel plated foot pedals, Orscheln Product’s engineers may be able to assist.

If you are interested in learning about Orscheln Product’s quality electronic foot pedals in detail or are wanting to view the electronic throttle control systems brochure, click here. To contact a member of the Orscheln Products Sales Team, follow this link.