Park Brake Cables from Orscheln Products


Orscheln Products produces park brake cables that are designed to be durable and to meet a variety of applications. The process of selecting an appropriate park brake cable begins by determining the size of the cable required, choosing the applicable fittings, determining the mounting points, and identifying the length of the park brake cables. To view a useful resource to help determine which cables are suitable for your application, view the Orscheln Products Cable Sketch Sheet here. Orscheln Products offers two sizes of quality park brake cables: the 1/8” PBT and the 3/16” PBT park brake cables. The 1/8” cables are designed for light-to-medium duty applications and are rated at 1,200 pounds or less. The 3/16” cables offer similar qualities as the 1/8” cables, but are recommended for heavy-duty applications and are rated for loads up to 3,000 pounds. To learn more about Orscheln Products’ quality park brake cables, contact the Sales Team today.